Hälsingestintans cutting plant

Hälsingestintans own cutting plant is located just outside Eskilstuna. This is where the meat of the mobile abattoir from the farms around the country ends up. After the meat has hung tenderized for at least 7-10 days in the hanging hall, it is ready to be cut. Anders Rydell is site manager and has 27 years experience.

-All Production takes place here in Eskilstuna, he says. Hälsingestintan’s philosophy is that we have full control of the entire chain: all stages of meat production.

At the cutting plant they work with all the details of the meat. Each butcher cuts up a whole animal, to ensure control to detail and have an eye for quality. The packaging is done with state of the art technology and full electronic traceability.

All stages of production – for a better quality, simply