Hälsingestintan works with beef cattle of various types. The most common breeds are Hereford, Angus, Charolais, Simmenthaler and Limousine and cross-breeds between.

The breeding process begins with the cows grazing outside and they are bred in a natural way with a breeding bull. Nine months later, the cow delivers, and the calf may be with its mother, suckling over a long period.
When the calf is approximately six months old it is separated from the mother who then needs a good resting period before the next calving. Some of the female calves are saved to grow and eventually become cows,others are reared for slaughter. All of these are outside on the pastures in the summer.

As for bull calves, they are used either for breeding or slaughter livestock.

The continued breeding can be done in different ways. On some farms, the animals continue to stay both indoors and outdoors, however it can be that the animals are indoors together with its flock.

Some of the meat breeds tend grow quite quickly and are slaughtered in early summer. Other lighter breeds takes a little more time, and there are two options, either the animals remained inside or they graze for another summer.

All animals eat mainly grasses from the farm, in the form of hay, silage or grazing, depending on the season. Minerals are important and the extra protein and energy may be needed, and then the animals are fed forms of cereals, peas etc. Hälsingestintan think it is important that all foods are produced as locally as possible and we have set a target that within two years no feed will be imported. We are already very close to hitting that target.

Animal Care in Sweden is regulated under Swedish animal protection and it stands up well even in the international context. At Hälsingestintan we are in direct contact with each one of our breeders and they know how important it is for us and the consumer with good animal welfare. This means we always care about the animals’ well-being and assist them immediately if something is wrong. This means that the animals have dry places to be, they get nutritious and sufficient food and fresh water. The breeders also sign an animal owner assurance that these requirements are fulfilled.

So far our talented breeders surpass our expectations. They are dedicated and proud of their work and the quality they achieve. Simply, good animal husbandry provides high quality meat!


Read more about some of our breeders and their breeding and why they have chosen to work with us.


Hälsingestintan was founded in 1999 as a reaction to the poor range of meat in Swedish food stores.
It was almost impossible to purchase Swedish quality meat. Quality had long given way to anonymous low price meat.

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